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Software Problems.

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A note before beginning!

Remember that your computer won't necessarily shut down if your hardware is failing. Most of the time it starts with computer crashes, errors and system freezing.

software issues

You have to choose your strategy.

Troubleshooting is a long and tedious process and you are not guaranteed to succeed. Sometimes (If infected by viruses, spywares or other malwares) it is better to save your data, erase everything and reinstall the operating system if you want to be 100% sure you have eliminated all infection in your computer. It is a time consuming task, but the safest bet to get your computer working again.

Debugging Windows XP

If your system is working, but is running slow (slower than it should), then proceed to our computer maintenance page. We'll guide you through debugging and cleaning your computer.

After that, you'll need an antivirus (FREE) and a firewall (FREE) to protect your information against malwares.

computer buggy


After fixing your software problem, Make sure you scan ALL your files with an AntiVirus (Free). Check our Secure and Backup page to learn how to save a copy of your working system that you can restore any time you want (in less than 5 min) so that all this experience you are going through becomes history.


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