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Hard Drive Diagnostic

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HDD Test when Windows XP is not loading

Hard Drive Diagnostic tools

If you have access to a PC with Windows XP Click Here.

Otherwise, download a diagnostic CD from your hard Drive manufacturer. One great advantage of doing that is that if your hard drive is failing, the software will give you an error code that you can use to issue an RMA for your Hard Drive in case it is still under warranty.

If you don't know your manufacturer, boot your PC and look for the Primary Master

Hard Drive


Download directly from the manufacturer.

Maxtor Powermax (Also for Quantum HDD)

Western Digital HDD Diagnostic (WDC)

FUJITSU Hard Drive Diagnostic tool.

Seagate HDD Diagnostic tool

Hitachi Hard Drive Diagnostics (bought IBM's hard drive business)

If you have another manufacturer, then simply type their name in google followed by the keywords "hard drive diagnostic tool".

Download the file and burn the image on a CD. Boot from the CD and run the test.

The test will give you an error code if there are any. Write that down if your HDD is still under warranty and contact the manufaturer.

Assuming that your Hard Drive is good, let's continue troubleshooting.


Click Here to continue.


With Windows XP

  • Double-click My Computer
  • Right-click on your hard drive (C drive, for example)
  • Select Properties from the Pop Up Menu
  • Go to the Tools Tab
  • Click on the Check Now button
  • Check both "Automatically Fix File System Errors" & "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors"


If your Windows XP is installed on that drive, then you will be asked to reboot your computer.

Hopefully your Hard Drive is doing great and we can move to the next step.

Buy if you are getting BAD SECTORS, then it is time to save your data before full failure. You will need a new Hard Drive. You can browse our vendors list for the most competitive prices.

Now that we know your Hard Drive is good, let's get a virus SCAN. On the next page, choose an antivirus (Free or Commercial) and scan for viruses.


Click Here to continue.



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