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Boot Computer from CD or Floppy.

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windows xp cd

Insert your windows CD and restart your computer.

You should be prompted whether you wish to boot from cd? Just press on any key while this message is on the screen and you should get a blue screen showing windows CD starting up.

If you do not get such message, you will have to change your BIOS setting to allow computer to boot from CD. Click here

Now that you were able to get the windows CD to boot, Windows XP will load the necessary file, and then ask you what you want to do. Press Enter to install windows XP.


windows xp install 1

Press F8 to accept the Agreement.

windows xp install 2

Do you see any partitions, If not try to creat one (press C)

windows xp install 3

Are you able to select a size?

windows xp install 4


You got somekind of message saying no hard drive detected or no partitions found? 






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