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Windows Xp install

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Make Sure you have your Windows XP CD-Key Ready before starting the install. Insert the Windows Xp CD-ROM and reboot your computer. When prompted to press any key to boot from CD press a key.
If you do not get that message it means that you have to change your boot sequence in your BIOS. First, Bookmark This Page so you can come back and continue the installation. To go to the boot sequence change page, Click Here.

Windows XP will load the necessary file, and then ask you what you want to do. Press Enter to install windows XP.

windows xp install 1

Press F8 to accept the Agreement.

windows xp install 2

If you do not have any partitions (like in a new Hard Drive) press C to create a partition. If you already have a partition Click Here.

windows xp install 3

Select size (Use maximum if you do not want any other partitions later on)

windows xp install 4

Select the partition where you want to install Windows XP.

windows xp install 5

Format the partition (NTFS Recommended).

windows xp install 6

Windows XP will start the preliminary install.

windows xp install 8

Select your language. For English just press NEXT.

windows xp install 9

Enter your name.

windows xp install

Enter your Windows XP CD Key to continue installation.

windows xp install

Enter a name for your computer. Password is optional.

windows xp install

Select your Time Zone and setup the time if necessary.

windows xp install

Windows xp will load the network .

windows xp install

Choose typical settings.

windows xp install

Choose No.

windows xp install

Time for a break :-)
Windows Xp will take a few minutes to install itself. Come back in about 15 min!

windows xp install

Welcome back!
Click OK.

windows xp install

Again OK.

windows xp install

Now you are at Windows XP post install page. A few more clicks and you are done. Click NEXT to continue with the setup.

windows xp install

Click NO if you have your modem connected directly to your computer (internally or externally through a cable). If you have more than one computer sharing your internet through a router select YES.

windows xp install

Choose No. You can always Register Windows XP later! I want to keep this install page as short and straight forward as possible.

windows xp install

Choose as many usernames as you need!


windows xp install

Et Voila! You have installed Windows XP!

windows xp install


Thank you for following this guide. Remember to visit our secure and backup page to learn more about saving backups (images of your drive) so you won't have to go through that again!



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