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Computer Hardware & Equipment!

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Places to look when shopping for Computer Equipment and Hardware!

Here is a list of some of the best places (good price & Service) that I know to shop for computer equipment. Try to check as many retailers as you can to get the best prices.

I have written general reviews about each of them, but you still have to do a little bit of investigation as the products and prices change on a daily basis. My rating system is not a scientific one. Think of it as where I would look first when searching for a computer hardware and equipment.

computer hardware store

Buy.com - 9/10

Very good prices! And you can find almost any equipment you want. From computers to shoes anything that is for sale and can be shipped is at Buy.com. Huge site, easy to navigate overall very nice.

They always have specials and clearance items, so definitely a place to visit when shopping for the best prices fir computer hardware or any other equipment.


Geeks.com - 10/10

I didn't know about them until I started doing some research for this page. But they truly deserve to be a 10/10. The margin of benefit is very low for computer hardware and related equipment, but these guys have really Low Low Low prices and a great selection, all kinds of Desktop Computers - from PCs to Macs to Barebones Kits

Probably the lowest prices on the web for computer hardware. No kidding! You'll probably end up buying from them!


TigerDirect.com - 8/10

A good place to look for a bargain for computer hardware! Not always the lowest prices on everything but definitely worth a look, specially the TigerDirect's Overstock Center!

Don't look here if you want cheap low-quality products. The products here are good quality at a very reasonable price.

Refurbished equipment also available!


MacMall.com - 7/10

Feel like switching to a Mac? In that case, definitely visit MacMall.com - The #1 Apple Direct Reseller! Excellent Web site, easy to navigate. They also have computer equipments and hardware.

Since they are direct resellers, you are guaranteed to find the best prices.


SaveAtEagle.com - 6/10

Lots of refurbished computers and other hardware equipment. You'll find a bargain if you are looking for a refurbished computer or parts. Remember to insist on a new hard drive when buying refurbished computers. Moving parts have a much lower lifetime than electronic circuits.

A little expansive for new computers though, but reasonable prices on software's. Here is the link for Eagle Computer


alienware.com - 8/10

Top of the line Laptops and desktops. The laptops are amazing, the PC's too. It's like shopping at Ferrari for a car! If you are looking for a killer laptop fully customized, then you have found the place.

You choose the hardware parts and they build it for you. I don't know of any other place that lets you customize so many details of your laptop. You can have dual video cards (Double Charged) , Dual Hard Drives with RAID 0, Built-In Speakers w/ Subwoofer, ...

The PCs are also great. Computers can be great Home Entertainment Systems, Their versatility makes them able to be the only piece of equipment that you need besides your TV and Sound System.

With the Alienware Home Entertainment PCs - Record Live TV, Copy DVDs, Play PC Games, and Much More from Your Sofa.

You can also build your own system yourself (except for laptops) by buying the parts and assembling them. But if you really prefer someone else to do that for you then you really should visit their site.

The web site too is great! It is Animated and interactive, and lets you see what you are buying.


Lenovo.com - 7/10

Talking about notebooks, here is Lenovo, the makers of ThinkPad ThinkCentre They also sell regular desktop computers, and you save by buying directly from the manufacturer. The computers there are great for the average user, and they are made with quality hardware and other equipments. You can get a nice workhorse at the best price available!


eBay.com - 9/10

Bargains! I am sure you have already heard about them. Always look there for a bargain. If you have a account there, then you know. If you have never been on Ebay, now is the time! You don't know what you are missing. You can buy anything you want there. From Computer Equipments and Hardware to cars, everything that can be sold will be on Ebay.

With their buyers feedback for every seller, you can instantly see what other poeple who made business with them have to say.

Do not buy anything before also looking on eBay!


EdgeTechCorp.com - 8/10

Forgot what you were looking for? I bet it was Memory! Now seriously, these guys are specialized in all kinds of memories. As a matter of fact they are manufacturers. If you need RAM or other kind of memory, save by buying directly from the manufacturer. No matter the specifications, they'll have it!

You can visit them at EDGE Tech Corp


Crucial.com - 7/10

Another specialized store in different kinds of memories! If you have a memory problem with your computer then check this site. They have most kinds of memories. If you are looking for a special RAM or FLASH cards then have a look here, most probably you'll find it here Crucial.com


Dell.com - 5/10

Good for people who make only minimal use of their computers. If you only use text editors and and some basic internet browsing and do not want to spend time build your own PC then Dell is a good choice. It comes at a low price with a good service behind it. The computer Hardware is of average quality, and so are the other equipments that come with it. But they can give you a new computer with all the softwares necessary for a very good price.

Again, consider Dell if you want a good looking cheap computer for browsing the web. Consider other alternatives for high performance computers.

If you are interested in getting a Dell, make sure to read their Buyer's Guide to get the right machine for you.



How to Shop for computer Equipment and Hardware parts!

(5 most Common Mistakes to avoid!)

Vendors in general (Not all of them), make extra profits by capitalizing on people's lack of knowledge of computer parts and equipment.

They will sell you an unbalanced machine, making a little profit by selling you some low end parts mixed with high quality computer parts that they advertise to the consumer.

Pay special attention to the following points when buying a PC or computer parts and equipments in general.


1 - Consider ALL the specifications of the product.
Which one is better: 1 GB RAM at 133MHZ or 512MB at 400MHZ? (Answer: 512MB at 400MHZ processes a time and a half more data per unit time)


2 - Consider the quality of the product. By from established manufacturers. For computer hardware parts, I recommend ASUS, MSI, INTEL, NVIDIA, MAXTOR, DIGITAL WESTERN, ATI, EDGE.


3 - Every part is important! I have seen computers acting up, crashing giving hard drive errors because of a cheap power supplie that became unstable. I have seen people throw their computers out because of a failed CPU fan.

Even the computer case! Yes the case. I have to clean the inside of my computer every few months to keep the dust away from the electronics and specially the CPU heat sink.

But my new computer has a case with Air filters. It costs 20$ more but keeps your electronics safe from dust that leads to overheating!


4 - Consider Bottle-Necks! The RAM, Motherboard, CPU and video card must work together to compute. If one of them is trailing, then the other ones will be limited too. A complete waste of money.

Good rule of thumb! To avoid learning everything about computer hardware parts and equipment, buy the parts that are from the same generation (no more than a year of difference between the times they came out on the market).

Also buy in the same price range. If you buy a part that is the most expansive, then do the same for the other parts!

5 - If you are shopping for a PC then pay special attention to the motherboard that comes with the computer. As the name suggests, it is the most important part of your computer. I have never heard a vendor publicise the quality of the motherboard in the computers they sell.

Also, make sure you get a video card! The onboard cards are extremely limited. It can also be a sign that the vendor is trying to mix in cheap stuff (power supply, case, CPU fan, RAM,...)


Do not hesitate to visit our Forum if you have any questions. We hope this helped a little bit to get you in the right direction for purchasing your Computer Hardware or other equipment.

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