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NEW: Computer Repair & Diagnostics Flowcharts.

Simply follow the steps in the flowcharts to get a diagnostic and repair guidance.

Computer Repair Safety.

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Computer Repair Safety Precautions!

Please take a few minutes to read about the safety precautions to take before opening your computer and attempting to repair.

Electrical Hazards.

UNPLUG THE COMPUTER and wait a few minutes before opening the computer and keep it unplugged at any time you are working on the hardware! This will ensure that the capacitors are empty or only partially charged avoiding electrical shocks that can damage your computer
electrical safety

Ensure that the power outlets are properly grounded and that all equipment electrical wires are in good condition and provide proper grounding to avoid charge build up.

Avoid wearing loose jewelry or other conductive objects, such as rings and watches with metal bands, whenever you work around electrical equipment.

The energy stored in a monitor or computer power supply is high enough to be dangerous. Even when the electricity is disconnected, capacitors in the monitor and power supply can hold a harmful amount of electrical charge.


Never open a power supply case or monitor unless you’re experienced working with electricity.

Touch a large piece of metal to Ground yourself! Your computer is very sensitive to static electricity, and you could burn it if you do not follow this step!

Hardware repair or replacement manipulation.

Repairing your computer is rather easy when you know what you are doing. By that I mean you don't need any other tool than a screw driver and the parts are easy to reach and manipulate (compare to repairing a car).

The hardware itself cannot be repaired if burnt. With the exception of the Power Supply and hard Drive, I would be very careful changing the parts if burnt. If anything else is damaged in your computer, you risk burning the new part.

I say that from experience. I burnt a New Mother Board once by installing damaged RAM on it, to test the RAM. Instead try to replace the part with a cheap old/used part to see if everything works properly before replacing the part with a high performance new part.

Make sure to follow this Computer Repair Flowchart systematically to avoid any mistake that would cost you time and money or even worst!

Always put safety first even when repairing your computer!



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