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Testing Memory (RAM)


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I am SURE that my RAM is good. Go to the next Step.


Let's start by testing you RAM. To do that, we'll use memtest86+.

Memtest86+ from www.memtest.org is a utility designed to test whether your computer's memory is in working order.

Memtest86+ repeatedly writes an enormous amount of different patterns to all memory locations and reads them back again and verifies whether the result of the read is the same as what was written to memory.

If something is wrong with your RAM, this Free (Open Source) memory test will let you know.

Choose between the floppy version and CD Version. I have also included the source code as required by Law. But you won't need it for troubleshooting.

Download for Floppy

Download for CD

Source Code


Run from floppydisk

Simply download the appropriate package, the Pre-Compiled package for Floppy (DOS - Win) for Windows XP users.

Unzip the package

insert a blank floppy into your a: drive and double click the install.bat file.

As the install prompts you, to use memtest directly, leave the disk in the drive and reboot your machine.

Your machine should now boot from the disk, display the word Loading folowed by a series of period. The memory test is automatically started.

When you are done testing simply remove the floppy and restart your computer.


Run from CD

As we did above, download the Pre-Compiled Bootable ISO (.zip) for Windows XP users.

Unzip the package.

You will now see a file called in this directory. You will need to burn memtest86+-1.xx.iso to a CD with a CD recording program.

Note however that you should not make a regular data CD on which you for instance write your text documents and holiday photographs. Instead the iso file is a "CD image", it is a direct copy of a CD. Your CD recording program will most likely have a feature called burn image or something to that effect which you should use to burn the CD.

To run the memory test directly insert the CD and reboot your Computer.

Your PC should now boot from the CD, display the word Loading folowed by a series of periods and then show a screen much like the screenshots on the memtest86+ web page. The memory test will start by itself.

When test is finished, remove the CD and reboot the computer.


Hopefully your RAM passed the test and we can Go to the next Step.


If you got errors, then I am sorry, but your RAM has to be changed! You can visit EDGE Tech Corp to check for prices directly from the manufacturer.

If you are getting trouble finding the right RAM (specifications) for your PC or NoteBook, you can also visit Crucial.com. They specialize in memories.



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