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You must be tired by now! I have gone through that many times myself until I found a software that made software problems as easy to solve as clicking a few buttons. The bad news is that your system has started to degrade as we speak. Windows slows down with time, as you install programs, surf the web and use the computer, the system registry fills up with no more used data, spywares malwares and viruses take their bite of your system too.
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Partition Image.

Now, imagine having a full copy of your installation that is safe from viruses (put it on a DVD), and that you can restore in less than 5 minutes. Imagine booting from that DVD and having your partition restored, with all your softwares installed and setup ready to go exactly as they were when you made your backup.

Acronis True Image is the best favor you can do yourself! Save an image of your system with all your bookmarks, email accounts, All settings drivers, in one word Everything related to the Operating system you run.

There are other products out there that claim to do something simillar (Norton Ghost 10 and Uniblue Systems WinBackup 2 Professional), but they don't come even close to what Acronis does. I use Acronis (actually way cheaper than both Norton and Uniblue), and I have no reason to change that for the time being.

New: Just Released! Acronis True Image 10.0 - Complete PC backup and restore software




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